Part of Harmony’s philosophy of creating a modern community that develops and maintains a strong connection with nature is the belief in environmental stewardship.

Harmony of Florida Sustainability

And whether you call it “green” or “eco-friendly” or “sustainable,” this is a community that meets the needs of the present without compromising the needs of future generations. Harmony is built to minimize its impact on the environment and to conserve energy and resources for its homeowners. Harmony earned its Green Development certification from the Florida Green Building Coalition in 2008. Their criteria for this certification are so strict that when Harmony achieved this honor, it was one of the first communities to do so. And we met those high standards by developing Harmony with community-wide practices that follow the principles of Reduce, Reuse and Recycle.


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 • A land use mix that gives residents the potential to meet most daily needs within a short distance of their homes, making walking, cycling or neighborhood type vehicles a viable first choice for transportation
• More than 7,000 acres of open space
• Irrigation controls on public and private lands conserve water by responding to landscape growing conditions
• Extensive use of native plants and grasses in landscaping
• Two 500+/- acre natural lakes with protected shorelines

• Community owned boats with green propulsion
• Dark Sky-compliant lighting to reduce glare, eliminate wasted light and preserve our natural star-filled sky

Harmony’s homes provide real owner value, too. Independent verification of their energy-efficient designs and use of environmentally-friendly materials is your assurance of quality and savings. In partnership with our builders, every home in Harmony is built to — at a minimum — the “Environments for Living” standards for durability, indoor environmental quality and energy efficiency. This can save homeowners up to 30% on utility costs compared to a home built just a few years ago. We even have some "net zero" homes that generate as much electricity as they use.

Today, Harmony is Central Florida’s largest green-certified community. But in order for Harmony to function as a truly “green” town, we encourage our residents to make a conscious effort to environmentally manage their homes, yards, and neighborhoods. Here are some tips specifically for Harmony residents from the University of Florida.


University of Florida Sustainability Tipssustainability tips


Using Water Wisely


• Cutting water bills
• Protecting Harmony’s lakes
• Lawn care and water quality

Landscaping for the Environment


• What’s different about Florida
• Turf or something else
• A backyard Eden

Explore your Dark Skysustainability-sky
• Harmony is a Dark Sky community
• Does over lighting really matter?
• What's at risk?

Energy Efficient Living


• Reduce your electric bill
• Making your home more efficient
• Is it his or HERS?

Meet your Wild Neighbors


• Is it ok to feed wildlife?
• Harmony's ponds
• Harmony bird survey

Eating Sustainable Food sustainability-food
• Is local better?
• What’s good for me?

The Garden at Harmony

Managing House Hold Waste


• Ways to reduce
• Ways to reuse
• Ways to recycle

Harmony's Natural History


• Aren’t the woods just woods?
• Who lived here first?
• Why is fire important?

Walkable Communitiessustainability-walkable
• Why walk?
• Where walk?
• What makes harmony easy to walk?


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